Using MSBuild to Automate One Click Publish

Why Automate Something so Simple? Before we start, I suppose the first question someone would ask is “Why would I automate something that’s supposed to be just one click and done?”.  That’s a pretty good question and the answer is simple – rarely in “Real life” is a deployment to Production/Staging/wherever as simple as just[…]

Week 15 – My first NuGet and a busy week at work

My First NuGet I just got finished with my first public NuGet package this morning (YAY for me!).  Its purpose is to provide an easy way to register Quartz with ServiceStack’s default IoC container (Funq).  It’s something I was going to have to do anyway because at work I’m porting our “Integration Service” scheduler (which[…]

Creating a ServiceStack Windows Service that uses Quartz

I’ve been using Quartz.Net in a prototype project for the last few months  which somehow made it from prototyping stages directly to production.  I’ve found some free time and have decided to port the application over to run on the ServiceStack framework for Windows Services to allow for some easier development.  During my experimental stages[…]