Mixing up the content

Thinking about the future of my articles

Up until now I’ve been writing articles on my “Weekly Progress” – my thoughts and what I’ve had throughout the week.  These articles are a very individual and I can’t imagine them being very valuable to anyone else.  Because of this I’m thinking I might try to mix it up a little bit.  Over the last week I’ve had a lot of traffic come in through StackOverflow from a NuGet package I built for ServiceStack – I think a part of the reason is that I’m piggy backing off of ServiceStack and Quartz’s popularity.  I realised after I got the traffic that I was a bit wierded out about having randomers look through my Blog.  This tells me that maybe the content I’ve been writing is too personal.

I’m going to have a really good think this week about the types of content I will be producing.  I’m leaning more towards learning articles, so instead of writing a personal Blog post each week I might write a learning article each week.  I might even end up writing some more NuGet packages on popular topics to try build up my knowledge and bring some attention to my website.


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