Week 12 – External factors

I have done about 4 hours of “half-assed” work of on my articles this week which is very poor – I should have done at least 6.  I’ve been blaming this on external factors, even though I know that they are all under my control.


I haven’t written about it before but I have been dieting for the last 3 months in attempt to get back down at 10% body fat.  The first 2 months have been fairly easy-going because I wasn’t tracking anything, I was just eating healthier, but this last month I have started counting calories and getting serious (as I approach my goal).  Over the last week this has really impacted me in terms of mental clarity and physical exhaustion.  Even at work I have been at meetings merely trying to keep up with what is going on because I’m so mentally drained.  On the physical aspect, I’ve skipped a training session this week because of tiredness and I’ve just been too tired to do anything.

This of course has impacted my work on CodeReviewer.co.uk.  That’s not to say I haven’t done any work, but the work I have done has been mediocre at best.


Right now my throat is completely raw from sneezing and coughing for about 2 days straight – I can’t even recognise myself when I speak, it’s ridiculous.  I haven’t been able to sleep well recently which has pushed me to the point of giving up on work until I feel better and less tired.  The truth is, If I have the energy to watch a TV show or play a game I should have at least some energy to write an article…

Time off from work

On the bright side, I have today and Monday off of work so this will give me an opportunity to catch up on what I’ve missed out on.  I’m going to get the first working draft of the NancyFx review done this week hopefully.  Nancy is a little harder to find information on than ServiceStack because it’s not as well documented, so I may have to rely more heavily on my own powers of deduction (mwuaha).  I think this will be a true test of my skill level since I’m relying more on what I know/can find out rather than relying on the documentation of the framework itself.  I’m a little worried that some ignorance may show through the article, but I keep reminding myself that I can always revise the article if I find out some deductions are incorrect.

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