Week 8 – ServiceStack review progress

Progress has been slow

Judging by my calendar, I have only done 3 hours of CodeReviewer work this week.  I’ve outlined my review of ServiceStack in broad terms, written an introduction, gathered research and I’ve changed the WordPress theme around to look a bit better.  So not much progress unfortunately, which leads me into what I discussed last week.

Last week I talked about time management and how I could potentially improve my side project output by working in the morning.  I haven’t found much success with that as of yet.  Getting up at 5AM is quite difficult when you’re not used to it – I’ve found that it’s cutting into my sleep because in order to get 8 hours I have to be asleep by 9PM, which will never happen.  Lately I’ve been getting to sleep at 11PM and getting 7 hours sleep which has been enough to keep me happy, but doesn’t leave me a lot of time in the morning to work.  The best I can hope for is 1 hour of CodeReviewer work in the morning before going to my job.

I mentioned last week about my mental resources being drained after my 8 hour work day.  I realise, in hindsight, that where this is only half of the truth.  I think if I push through this “Resistance” I should be able to get a lot more done.  I’m going to spend 3 hours today on my ServiceStack review and no matter what, the article’s first draft should be done by next Saturday.

Other Ventures

My mind has been full of other ventures this week, which is very typical of me.  As soon as I start a project I always find that I start thinking of other projects I could be pursuing as well.  I have been telling myself that I should be focusing only on the CodeReviewer site just now to make more progress at it.  Having said that, I will write down what I’ve been thinking for transparency sake:

  • YouTube videos about .Net software development
  •  App development using Xamarin – making cross platform apps as a source of income
  • Picking another niche like Archery in Scotland and building a website & store-front for it .

These ideas are getting put on the backlog because I can’t be focusing on them and expecting to get anything on CodeReviewer done.

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