Week 6 – Progression


Over the last week I’ve been moving from x10Host over to eHost.  As you’re reading just now, I’m on eHost with 2 websites (both wordpress) on one cPanel.  It was surprisingly enjoyable moving my content over.  I didn’t take very long at all thanks to the quick installers for WordPress,  the import/export tools and my previous experience with Apache.  I managed to get it done in a couple of hours once the domain was moved over.

Speaking of CuddlyPictures.com, I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere and have already lost motivation to post content on it.  It’s an over saturated market I think.  The domain is good (in my opinion) but I can’t think of what to post on it.  I briefly considered image harvesting and creating an automated website.  It sounds like a lot of fun to program, but I decided against it because it’s not the kind of thing I want to be involved in.

The outcome of the experiment, which was rather brief, is that I don’t want to be involved in anything outside of the niche I want to be involved in.  My niche is software development and my experiment websites should be related to that.

I’ll share my next experiment in Week 7’s post.

Side Projects

Well I scrapped the Pomodoros…  I found the time management technique overly complicated.  Below are what I didn’t like about the technique:

  • You have to try and work out how many Pomodoros it will take to complete a task which sometimes can be quite difficult.
  • The set time frames are constricting (25 minutes to do a Pomodoro, with 5 minute breaks)
  • I find that during the 25 minute Pomodoro my mind will wander and I’ll think about something else, which makes me think I’m not doing the Pomodoro correctly.
  • I think it’s an overly structured way to do tasks.  You have to worry about time (your eyes are on the clock), you have to stop after 25 minutes with minimum  of 5 minute break (so your mind gets out of the task when you’re taking the unnecessary break)

What I’m taking from the technique is the layout of the week.  I have a Trello board set up instead of a KabanFlow one because Trello is easier and that’s where I have all my other boards.  I’ve laid it out for each day of the week, with a “Today” column and a “Done” column.  At this point I’m wondering why I’m not using my calendar.  I might give the calendar a go this week.

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