Week 3 – What I’m going to do next

My Project

The project I’ve decided to go with is the website for interview questions/assessments for software developers.  The reason behind my choice is I can feel the pain of it cause I’m currently going through these kind of assessments myself.  Also, whenever I look  for information about assessments, I only find old and relatively irrelevant content from multiple websites about interview assessments.

If I were to offer content similar to exam style questions and answers, along with IQ tests and so forth I think I will stand out in the market.  Of course the first step is to test the waters by gathering an audience for the content, and then providing the audience with what they want to see/hear via a Blog and a YouTube channel.  After the audience is established I can go more into detail about specific products I can offer such as subscription packages to interviewees and possibly even companies looking to test their applicants.

The decision maker for me was this video:


Also, It’s worth mentioning that John uploaded a video for me today, which was also a good motivator to stick to the basics first which is to build the audience and then create the product.  But I’ll post that video next week because I don’t want to fill this post up with more than one video.


I’m looking for good jobs right now and have come to realise there’s a lot of strugglers out there.  I did a phone interview with a company called GT4 (www.gt4.co.uk) this week and they were very nervous over the phone.  Aparently they turn around contracts every 2 weeks and from the look of their portfolio they aren’t very good at their job.  They have 1 senior developer right now and 1 junior.  The pay would be better than what I have currently but I’ve decided not to do the second interview.  I have decided to write down my exact minimum specifications for a job just to remind myself to turn down any offer that doesn’t meet my needs:

My minimum requirements:

  • The work has to be satisfying
  • I need to be sure the company is in a good place financially
  • I need to be paid over 32K for it to be worthwhile

Problems with GT4:

  • They turn contracts around every 2 weeks (low satisfaction)
  • It’s a glorified freelance web development job (I could do it myself without their company by selling my own services)
  • They have no structure by the sounds of things on the phone interview

I have the AXA job interview coming up this Wednesday and I believe the recruiter that I’m working with is looking to set me up with another interview during the week.  By the sound of things I’m going to be quite stressed this week but It’s all for a good reason.

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