Week 2 – Back to work

So I got myself to work this week for the first time in a month (that’s right, I had 4 weeks holidays).  It was surprisingly easy, but when I started working It felt like I had missed a chapter with all the code changes that I missed.  It wouldn’t normally be a problem except that this time there was some fairly major refactors.  I’ve been feeling recently that I am not enjoying my work as much as I previously did.  The project I’m working on just now just has grown arms and legs.

In terms of where I am with AXA, I managed to reschedule the job interview for the 27th of January.  I’m glad I did because over the past week I’ve managed to convince myself that It’s probably a good decision to try to work there.  It’s £600 more pay each month which is absolutely massive.  It’s fairly close to home so I don’t have to move house in the immediate future.  And also if the job is halfway decent I’ll learn some new frameworks, tools and so forth.  I’m looking forward to the interview.

I suppose it’s also worth mentioning that I’ve applied for a job in a company called Kyria (www.kyria.co.uk).  The company was recommended by a friend of mine from work and it’s based close to where I live.  It might give me what I’m looking for.  Of course I’m not holding my breath, but I think It’s worth a shot.

I have given it serious thought and I think I’m definitely going to change job.  To be blunt, It’s about getting a competitive salary.  For me, £600 per month is just too much to pass up and the fact is that if I stay with Ideagen it’s not going to get any better.  On top of that I’ll continue working with the same frameworks and the same way of doing things If I stay where I am, and I’m not willing to “settle” with this.

On other news, I’m thinking about adding video component to this Blog.  I’d like my content to be available in a professional kind of way and I just don’t see as much value in the written word as I do with video.  I’ve mentioned him before but John Sonmez from www.simpleprogrammer.com is a great example of what I’m trying to accomplish with this Blog.  I want to build an audience, document my progress professionally and have as much fun doing so as possible.  I think video will allow me to challenge myself in some ways that make me uncomfortable and it will open up my content to a large audience which is all provided by the YouTube video sharing platform.  Best of all it’s free, I don’t even have to pay for hosting.

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