Week 1 – Project research and career

This week has been all about research.  Thankfully I’ve had this whole week off as a part of my Christmas holidays so it’s been easy to find a couple of hours a day to think about how I could go about implementing them.  I’ve recently expanding my list of ideas to four main ones:

  •  A price comparison website with affiliate links
  •  A membership website for software developer interview questions/tests(could also be used by employers to test interviewees)
  • A website that gets traffic through popular search terms, kind of like Buzzfeed, which could utilize Google Trends.
  • A website for Social Experiments where people will conduct experiments like (I will cut out TV for a month and use the time for project work) / for reviewing seminars and so on.

The problem with all of them is I’m hesitant to start them.  And I hate starting work on something that I’m hesitant about.  Instead of starting, I have decided to ask advice of a person that creates products like these for a living.  I’ve sent John Sonmez from www.simpleprogrammer.com an email and he tells me he’s going to do a video on the topic, which I’ll share in a future post.

In terms of my career, I’m still thinking about my work in Ideagen and considering changing job.  I really enjoy working for Ideagen and it has given me a lot but, if I’m perfectly honest, the salary leaves something to be desired. I get paid roughly £26K and I know for a fact that I can be getting paid around £35K working for an insurance company called AXA.  So sure in fact that I have an interview with them in a week.

The problem with this however is I’m not sure what it would be like working for an insurance company.  Currently I am a medium size cog in a medium size machine, which means my contribution is quite well noted and I get a lot of job satisfaction from it.  However, if I was to work for a global company like AXA, I’d think I would be a very small cog in a big machine, and job satisfaction would be mediocre at best.  Also, the idea of changing job right after Christmas is less than appealing.

Right now I’m trying to weigh the pros and cons of changing job.

The pros:

  • Pay is higher (£9,000/year in total, not including the higher cost of travel etc)
  • New job might equal more experience, and change is usually good for forcing yourself to improve skills

The cons:

  • I’d be leaving an excellent working environment
  • New job means more stress and less time, which means less time focussing on the projects I’m looking to start
  • Travel costs to get to the job would be roughly doubled.  Granted, it’s not a LOT more money but it counts.
  • I have negative perceptions about working for an insurance company which include, bureaucracy, uptight environment etc.
  • I think I’d rather work for a software company with a software product than an insurance company that develops its own software

However, a lot of these cons are just negative perceptions and may not be “real”.  I think the interview should clear up a lot of them.  That is, assuming the interviewer can actually tell me something about the job and isn’t just a HR screener which is too often the case.

Only time will tell…

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